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Trade Financing for Growing Businesses

In the world of manufacturing, cash flow is king. Without the cash on hand to fund purchase orders and fulfill contracts, growth is stifled and the very existence of your business can be at stake. 

At Star Funding, we help growing businesses grow faster with a variety of trade finance options. Our funding options are lower risk and more favorable than traditional high-interest short term loans.

Purchase Order Funding gives you access to cash via a low interest loan to fund your existing finished goods and work in process POs. 

Accounts Receivables Factoring allows you to free up cash flow by borrowing against your open accounts receivable without waiting for your customers to pay.

Letters of Credit ensure that international suppliers will not be paid until they perform their duties under the original terms of the transaction, protecting you from overseas payment issues.

If you are in need of working capital to help grow your business, talk with the trade finance experts at Star Funding today to help you find the best funding solution for your business. 

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