PO Finance Apparel Manufacturing in The Garment District, NYC.

purchase order finance apparel in the Garment Center, NYCThe Garment District of NYC has been the epicenter of apparel design and manufacturing for decades.  Many PO Finance and other funding companies are located here to support the Garment District. While manufacturing has slowly crept out of New York City, Funding Options continue to thrive in this neighborhood. The more traditional Apparel Purchase Order Financing Companies continue to focus on domestic WIP Funding(some manufacturing happens right here in NYC) and imports.

Interesting fact from www.savethegarmentcenter.com – “The 7,100 New Yorkers employed in the district’s garment factories contribute an estimated $2 Billion annually to the city’s economy”.

Financing your Apparel Company in The Garment District NYC

1. Accounts Receivable Factoring For Apparel Companies in New York City

Although the business models of Apparel Companies have changed drastically over the past few years you still have your long production and sales cycles to manage. This makes Accounts Receivable Factoring for Apparel Companies a great source of funding.  More and more companies are selling direct to consumer via ecommerce and other channels but most brands still look towards wholesale as a way to grow their business and get their brands out there. With Accounts Receivable Factoring you speed up your cash flow and protect yourself against the risk of non-payment through a standard non-recourse factoring facility. One thing is for sure, retail has changed drastically as well. With the uncertainty in the market, you should strongly consider Non-Recourse Factoring to insure your accounts receivable. Speak to your factoring company today about how that works.

2. PO Funding Apparel Companies in New York City

The good news about working out of the New York City Garment District is the proximity to everyone else that works in fashion. With so many showrooms, buyers, and manufacturers the sales opportunities are endless. PO Funding Apparel Companies is a great way to finance those large purchase orders that you will receive from retailers. Star Funding has been working out of the Garment District in NYC for over 17 years and we provide WIP(Work In Process) funding as well as Apparel PO Financing for finished goods and imports.


Apparel companies in need of funding can’t go wrong with STAR Funding

It doesn’t really matter if you are a start up or you have been producing garments for 20 years. Star Funding provides Accounts Receivable Factoring and Purchase Order Financing solutions to small and medium sized apparel companies. Because we offer multiple funding options for apparel companies, STAR Funding has a solution for you. If you are looking for capital or PO Funding to produce your first order or simply looking to save some money on your current AR Factoring arrangement, we have you covered.

  1. Po Finance and Accounts Receivable Factoring under one roof
  2. Industry expertise – We understand the apparel business
  3. Competitive pricing that is easy to understand
  4. Fast decisions – Approvals as fast as 24 hours

Apply for funding and let STAR help your growing business.

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