Hanjin Shipping Information - Import / Export

The Hanjin Bankruptcy and What It Means To You

Here is how a leading Purchase Order Finance Company protects themselves against logistics risks. It seems like import/export companies are facing more and more challenges with their supply chain and shipping/logistics partners these days. From volatile rates, shipping ports going on strike, and now the bankruptcy of Hanjin. Hanjin is one of the top 10 […]

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Trade Term – Countervailable Subsidy

Today’s Trade Term, which was found on www.export.gov is a good one to think about when searching for various subsidies to assist with your production or financing your project and calculating final costs including import duties. Countervailable Subsidy Foreign governments subsidize industries when they provide financial assistance to benefit the production, manufacture or exportation of goods. […]

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From BusinessInsder.com – THE CONNECTED-HOME REPORT: Forecasts And Growth Trends For The Leading ‘Internet Of Things’ Market

Seeing new hardware markets is always great news for Trade Finance companies. One trend we are noticing with the IOT and connected devices is the openness of major retailers to support these companies. Groups like Target and Bloomingdales recognize the importance of staying ahead of new trends and they are committing a significant amount of […]

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