International Purchase Order Funding

International PO Funding Many businesses turn to international sales to increase their bottom line, diversify against concentration within a single economy, and strengthen their brands globally. The allure of selling internationally has greatly increased with improvements in communication, technology, and financing options like International Purchase Order Funding.

In today’s cash-strapped economy it can be hard for businesses to compete in international markets—especially considering the working capital necessary to do so. Access to affordable funding options like international purchase order funding makes global trade possible for small and medium sized businesses.

Why turn to STAR Funding for International Purchase Order Funding?

When it comes to obtaining funding for international purchase orders, you want a financing partner with domain expertise. STAR Funding has been working with international customers for more than 15 years, ensuring transactions happen in a smooth and timely manner. Our knowledgeable team truly understands not just the financing process—but the cultural and logistical implications of buying and selling internationally.

Unlike other purchase order funding organizations, the team at STAR Funding works with those looking to expand into international markets. So whether it’s China Purchase Order Financing, manufacturing in Canada or buying inventory from the UK—our International Purchase Order Funding program is designed specifically to help your business continue to grow without having to worry about turning to high interest rate business loans.

At STAR Funding, we provide you with:

  • International domain expertise, including manufacturing, logistics and trade knowledge
  • Quick decisions with minimal red tape, helping you avoid missing deadlines or shipments
  • Trade credit insurance to protect against the credit of your international customers
  • The ability to expand your business and fill larger purchase orders
  • Funding for international purchase orders from $100k-$10,000,000

Work in Process (WIP) Financing

Work In Process PO Funding includes purchasing raw materials or components that require assembly prior to selling to the end customer. WIP is more complicated than finished goods financing as the risk is much higher. Furthermore, the standard cost of work in process PO funding is bigger.

However, work in process PO Funding may not require 100% funding of raw materials, so the costs associated to the invoice can be significantly less than funding 100% of the finished product cost.

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Finished Goods Financing

Funding a PO for finished goods is the most common type of purchase order financing. It involves the purchase of goods for resale that do not require any assembly or customization prior to reselling. This is less of a risk.

With a much more favorable interest rate and turnaround time, Finished Goods Financing is favored to typical short-term loans. Finished Goods Financing is our most popular type of funding for our manufacturing clients. 

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Applying for International Purchase Order Funding is simple. Contact us for more information and receive an answer within minutes. Whether you’re looking to expand into international markets now—or perhaps in the future—it’s never too early to have a finance plan in place.

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