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Purchase Order Finance: Work in Process

Purchase Order Financing a Work In Process STAR Funding provides financing for Work-In-Process, or WIP Funding.  If the client has purchase orders from a credit approved customer, and STAR can get comfortable with the manufacturing process, we will consider funding a more complex supply chain. When PO Financing a Work In Process the client is not buying […]

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purchase order funding and accounts receivable factoring

Purchase Order Finance: Finished Merchandise

Funding the purchase of finished goods is the most common form of Purchase Order Finance. Generally speaking, this transactional form of finance follows a set of procedures, which when followed, should lead to a Win/Win situation for the client and the financier. These procedures are: 1. The client obtains a confirmed purchase order from a […]

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PO Funding

Purchase Order Funding or PO Funding is a financial tool which permits an undercapitalized or fast-growing company to expand its business beyond what a traditional lender can support. The entrepreneur is able to utilize Purchase Order Funding to do this primarily because of the strength of a confirmed purchase order from a credit worthy customer […]

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