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Letters of credit are great tools for securing your international and domestic trade transactions. STAR has relationships with top international banks to draw only the most secure bank issued letters of credit on behalf of its clients.

The letter of credit ensures that the supplier will not be paid until they perform their duties under the original terms of the transaction. There are three basic types of Letters of Credit, each of which is used for a different purpose.  They are the Documentary Letter of Credit, Stand-By Letter of Credit, and Special Clause Letter of Credit. When working with international trade the differences in laws, cultures, and dynamics of the transactions all must be considered before issuing a Letter of Credit.

STAR Funding specializes in Purchase Order Finance and Letters of Credit. With over 15 years of experience issuing clean and safe Letters of Credit you can rely on STAR Funding to protect your business.

"STAR Funding works closely with their clients to provide only the most secure and cost effective Letters of Credit. Years of expertise and trade experience makes sure their clients are protected and their transactions happen smoothly."

Documentary Letter of Credit

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