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Finished Goods / Work In Process

Up to 100% of Cost of Goods

Up to $15,000,000

Purchase Order FinancingPurchase Order Funding, also known a Purchase Order Financing, is a great tool to finance your large purchase orders. Businesses can secure financing for the purchase of goods for resale based off of an existing purchase order. Please continue reading for the most up to date information on purchase order finance.

Businesses can utilize Purchase Order Funding to finance up to 100% of the purchase cost of goods for resale. If goods are being produced in-house, STAR Funding will consider Work In Process Purchase Order Funding to cover the costs of components from multiple vendors.

PO Funding allows businesses to feel confident that they can service their customers. No more turning down large orders due to lack of working capital. With Purchase Order Funding businesses can be more proactive towards winning large orders from their customers.  

STAR permits companies to bid for larger contracts by providing up to 100% funding for a transaction.

Purchase Order Funding is a transactional form of financing. It permits the entrepreneur to spend more time on marketing, sales and manufacturing, rather than raising additional capital to finance growth. With each new transaction, STAR builds a closer understanding of the client’s business. This builds confidence and leads to a strong relationship between the client and STAR. 

There are two basic types of PO Funding, namely: Funding Finished Products and Funding Work-In-Process.

Most finance companies will only consider Finished Products. STAR, however, will consider both depending on the structure of the transaction, and experience of the entrepreneurs. A transaction is considered Work In Process when the client requires STAR to purchase components for assembly in house or through a 3rd party.

purchase order funding for warehouses and distributionApplying for Purchase Order Funding is simple. Contact us today to begin reviewing your transactions. After a quick review of your current or projected transactions STAR can provide an answer in minutes. It's never too early to start planning for Purchase Order Funding. The interview process is short, and with a streamlined due diligence and on-boarding process funding happens quickly.