Trade Finance for Growing Businesses

When it comes to successfully running your business - whether it's import/export, manufacturing, distribution or anything in between - cash flow is king. Without cash on hand to fund purchase orders and fulfill contracts, the growth of your business and bottom line can be jeopardized. Partnering with a strong trade finance company is your key to successfully running your business.

That’s where STAR Funding comes in. At STAR Funding, our knowledgeable team offers a variety of trade finance options that enable you to grow your business faster. Additionally, our lower risk funding options remain more popular when compared to traditional high-interest, short term loans.

Working with you to deliver the trade financing options that fit your unique business needs, STAR Funding provides:

Purchase Order Funding

Funding up to 100% of the production of your goods, PO Funding is a great way to finance your large purchase orders. Working closely with your business, STAR Funding gives you access to capital to fund your existing finished goods and work in process POs.

Accounts Receivables Factoring

When a company grows quickly, it tends to outgrow its limited working capital. For companies faced with this situation, they can secure working capital and guarantee the credit of receivables with non-recourse AR Receivables Factoring from STAR Funding. Helping speed up your cash flow while improving working capital, you can free up resources by borrowing against your open AR.

Letters of Credit

Offering the most secure and cost effective Letters of Credit, STAR Funding will ensure that international suppliers will not be paid until they complete their duties under the original terms of the transaction, protecting you from payment disputes. Our team of experts maintain close relationships with top international banks, enabling us to draw only the most secure bank issued letters of credit on behalf of clients.

In need of working capital to help grow your business? Contact our trade finance team today and learn how our funding options can assist you in taking your business to the next level.