Supplier Credit Facility

Purchase inventory, extend supplier payment terms, fill large purchase orders with a Supplier Credit Facility.  If a company is expanding rapidly they may not have the working capital necessary to support the growth. A Supplier Credit Facility can help a business secure inventory for resale or goods for consumption in a quick and efficient manner.

STAR Funding’s Supplier Credit Program

1. Business Credit When You Need It

Supplier Credit Facilities are easy to set up and quick to implement. The facility could be put to use in as little as 48 hours in some cases.

2. Increased Buying Power and Improved Supplier Payment Terms

Take advantage of bulk purchase discounts and early payment discounts on invoices with increased buying power. Also, extend your payables to help improve your working capital.

3. Works In Conjunction With Other Lenders

Secure a Supplier Credit Facility along side your other lenders. We will work in conjunction with your existing bank, Purchase Order Funding company or Accounts Receivable Factor.

Star Funding wants you to pay attention to growing your company and not worrying about limited working capital or paying supplier invoices on time. The Supplier Credit relationship provides purchasing accommodations typically not available to underfunded companies.

Contact us today to learn more about our Supplier Credit Facility Programs. No more worrying about how you will fund your inventory and other supplies. Start preparing your company for growth today.

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